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Who's doing Content Marketing right in 2019: Top 18 Marketing Geniuses

Updated: May 25, 2020

Content Marketing. The buzz phrase of the digital age. So what is it? Content Marketing is knowledge giving. It’s giving your clients value outside of your product proposition. Its words, videos, pictures, and sound. It’s very often storytelling. It’s knowing your marketing and working with them.

JOLT_ is here to clue you in on the brands getting content marketing right, so you can use their experience, leave out the trial and error, and get content that delivers on SEO rankings, traffic, sales, and a massive following.

Content marketing can help you bridge the gap between the business and the consumer.

Top 18 Content Marketing Genuises for 2019

1. Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is the unexpected face of the eco-movement, Greta is going from strength to strength, with her authenticity and genuine care, combined with her no BS approach has won her followers around the globe. Her exposure via social media, public speaking, and celebrity endorsements has proven that digital activism is a viable way to spread change. We care about what Greta has to say, and what better content is there than that?

Video source: Connect4Climate

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

He’s become a brand on his own right. Famously stating he believes everyone should be posting 100 pieces of content a day (yikes!)

“This is something I have said time and time again, and I will continue to push it because I truly believe that content is the best way to market a product today.”

Though he may not be wrong, not everyone has the time to reach this lofty goal. But he sticks to his guns and releases across blogs, podcasts, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram DAILY! His theory is that it’s FREE and it’s where everyone is so you have to be present and active.

3. Neil Patel

When it comes to content, he’s got a finger in every pie. And so he should. Neil Patel is an SEO expert and creates a plethora of content around the subject of digital marketing. Though his blog content has slowed down, he has sped up on his ‘Marketing School’ podcasts and consistently creates YouTube content. He’s repurposing that content across his website and social media. This is the perfect example that although you might not have the time to be constantly creating, there are ways to be continuously present in the world of content.

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4. Headspace

These guys took meditation and brought it to the masses. Their app is clinically-validated with research and today is used by millions of users in more than 190 countries. They email with genuine advice personalised to your service, have Headspace Radio on Spotify, podcasts for your meditative walks and now venturing into diet & food content for mindful bodies. Their website not only has catchy blogs, videos and graphics, it promotes group, work, and family meditation to build a sense of belonging and community that ensures its connectivity.

5. The Obamas

Never before in history have POTUS and FLOTUS remained so relevant after their presidency. People desperately await their social media content which isn’t frequent but is raw and real. When Michelle Obama launched her own book ‘Becoming’ last year, it flew off the shelves; tying perfectly into Barack’s recommended reading list, which he releases each season. This powerful duo have now launched Higher Ground production company to create heartfelt, informative film and TV content, and have signed a huge deal with Netflix to do so.

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6. BTS

BTS Kpop band - artistically crafted videos containing English and Korean words fused with hot dance moves, on-point choreography and gender-neutral styling. Their marketing has helped them set the world record for most Youtube views within 24hrs. Their use of social media to distribute content and connect with fans has made them a global phenomenon that surpasses language and culture. They are putting out some hot hot content. And if you look at the hordes of fans, you’ll see it’s working.

7. The Kardashians

Love them or loathe them, they’re doing something right. The Family has branded themselves into a luxurious, glamorous lifestyle brand with content in the form of reality tv, social media campaigns, make up products, clothing, and influencer marketing. All content is distributed through traditional and emerging social media platforms to keep relevancy. They seem like they are everywhere because they truly are. The Kardashians know content!

8. James Charles

James Charles is a Youtube personality and a top Instagram influencer that was self-made through original content. His rise to fame can be contributed initially to his very active social media presence and sometimes questionable online drama. With great followers came great power and responsibility and he has become a Makeup guru to many young followers eager to devour his content. This young 20 yr old has reached fandom that many have dreamed of in such a short time. It goes to show that authenticity and originality can take you a long way if you know how to brand it.

9. Celeste Barber

This actor, writer, and comedian is multi-talented in her own right but didn't hit her massive following on Instagram until recently. Parodying celebrity Instagram posts has never been so hilarious. This genius concept has lead to a world tour, multiple TV show guest appearances, as well as some genuine marketing campaigns, consequently gaining her own level of influencer status. Don’t tell us being silly on social won’t get you places.

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10. Impossible Meats

Impossible Meats makes plant-based products with a mission to change the way people view meat substitutes.

Patrick Brown, the founder of Impossible Foods stated:

“Our mission is to completely replace animals in the food system by 2035. You laugh but we are absolutely serious about it and it’s doable.”

The content is working. Burger King has now taken on their patties as the vegan answer in their ‘Impossible Whopper’. They’re now valued at $2billion USD. There are over 79k uses of the hashtag and their visual ‘Cheat on Beef’ campaign is so striking, even the carnivores are being won over by #ImpossibleBurger.

11. Shopify

They’re a giant when it comes to creating your own store. This all-inclusive online selling platform is easy to use and comes with all the bells and whistles. They also know that not everyone who uses their services is an expert. Their blog is jam-packed with information on all forms of digital marketing, videos, podcasts, trends, tips, resources and they even have their own free business school! They know their clients and are meeting their needs far outside of their actual product. If you teach them the benefits of your product through free knowledge on how to fully utilise your service, they will come.

Your customers are blind - Can they see you?

12. Netflix

Content marketing is knowing your customer and giving them what they want. Who better to do this than the people controlling your TV? Their subscription service now watches what you’re watching and sends out direct emails personalised to the content you’ve been consuming. Some may view this as an invasion of privacy but most love that the hunt for a new show to binge-watch is already recommended for them. They adjust their image choices depending on the exact customer and what catches the eye of the target audience. Data can be a powerful tool to predict customers' preferences before the customer is even aware of the new product.

13. Adidas

Adidas knows who their market is and are reaching them with innovative methods. They’re focused on personalisation with their Futurecraft 4D shoe design across all social media. They’re collaborating with strong fashion, icon celebrities like Kanye West and Beyonce, just to name a few, as well the first-ever, e-gamer--Tyler Blevins. They are focusing on the more fashionable crowd through influencer marketing and staying relevant in pop culture. The company reportedly spends 90% of their marketing budget annually on digital campaigns.

14. Everlane

It’s an online retail business on a greater mission to help build sustainable fashion. They saw a gap in the market between people knowing that slow fashion and ethically sourced materials were the right way to go, but that consumers were struggling to find products that fit the bill. They then went beyond meeting with the right factory owners, they also met with the staff to ensure their conditions were of a high standard, and then began to tell their stories. The way they market theirradically transparent ethos with high quality, well-produced video, images, and content really envelops you in their stories, helping to build brand trust and loyalty.

15. Virgin

Richard Branson has been ahead of the marketing game for years. When everything went digital he was already invested. He’s been noted to emphasize content marketing as a vital column in any business. It’s not surprising he applies these storytelling tools to Virgin and himself. Nearly 13 million people follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn, over 4 million on Instagram, and over 3 million on Facebook. He has his own blog section on the Virgin website, which is constantly updated and ties back to all his social content. He’s no stranger to outlandish marketing and PR, but racing to be the first commercial airline heading to space is both marketing genius and a lofty business goal.

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16. Quicksprout

When your business model is to help people grow their online traffic, you better know how to do it yourself. That’s why QuickSprout is ALL OVER the content marketing. Their blog is full of juicy insider knowledge about how to grow and even how to start a business online. They boast over 600 guides, reviews, and insights from blogging, SEO, and product reviews which are updated daily and always relevant. They provide the market with truly valuable information, making them a go-to source and thought leader.

17. Hubspot

Hubspot's content is incredible! You know a brand is doing its content right when you consume it all, even when you may not use their full service. Hubspot as a brand provides constant value with tips and tricks for digital marketing and social media. Their frequent social media reports via EDM are super insightful for those in the industry and their valuable social content makes them a thought leader, far beyond their actual CMS product.

18. Grammarly

If you know about Grammarly already, you’re already ahead of the content game. This great, plugin tool spellchecks, grammar checks and is the secret to better writing. Not only are they utilising machine learning to improve their software they create personalised content to track your weekly usage and send emails comparing you to other users. It’s certainly motivation if you have a competitive streak!

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So, what can we learn from these folks about content marketing?



These companies are so successful because they know their audience. They have created their brand persona to emulate their audience. They understand how their audience speaks, how they think, what their problems are, and where they are looking for a solution. They know what platforms they use, how they use it, who they follow and where they can gain their loyalty.


Give more valuable information for free! People fear that giving away free insights and information might mean customers no longer need to buy from them. Statistics show that people still come back to brands they trust as experts in the field.

Be consistent. Constantly putting content out there that keeps you relevant in the online world is a full-time, demanding job. Is it easy? Of course not. That’s why people hire professionals like JOLT_!


If you can find a way to use your data to send personalised content to your customers, this is a massive win. This can come in the form of social media: using the right images, influencers, memes etc. Or email marketing with the right pull notifications, reward system, special offerings, or even birthday greetings. Whatever your product or service you offer, showing that you appreciate them and took the time to know them goes a long way.


Create content to help them find the answer and more importantly bring your audience to your website and learn more about your company. Thought leadership can bring a lot of traffic to your door if you're willing to put in the work. Being competitive with the millions of websites out there, you need to make the customer's experience with you informative, memorable, and easy. This can be something like optimising your landing pages to direct them to the right information or the right form to capture that lead into a qualified sale.

There are many ways to make your customer's experience feel catered towards them and JOLT_ can help!

Check out our content and copywriting strategy to get you started. Remember we are able to scale based on your needs and customise a plan to follow your growth.

By Hannah Pendlebury for JOLT_


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