Let's Bring Back the 15 BEST Holiday Adverts of ALL TIME!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Holidays are a time for giving, a time for family, and a time for love! BUT, it’s also a time for AMAZING Holiday commercials all over the world. Big companies race to have the best adverts on during this time to advertise for their stores.

There are MILLIONS of ads all over the television, but these 15 are quite possibly the best of all time!

15 Best Holiday Adverts of All Time

ONE: John Lewis - The Long Wait

The popular high-end department store, John Lewis, is known for their emotionally driven Holiday adverts that make you want to say ‘AW!!’. In 2011, John Lewis came out with ‘The Long Wait’. In the advert, a small boy patiently waits and watches the clock until Christmas day. As the days go by, snow falling, it seems as if the young boy is waiting to open all of his awesome presence. When Christmas morning is finally upon him, he jumps out of bed, races to his closet, and picks of a gift that he wrapped himself. The little boy wasn’t waiting to open his own presents, he was waiting to give one!

TWO: Marks & Spencer - Christmas With Love from Mrs. Clause

Another tear-jerker from 2016, Marks & Spencer created an advert that focused on the behind the scenes life of Mrs. Clause. A young boy is shown, having a tough time getting along with his family. In one scene, the boy is trying to get his sister’s sneaker out of their dog’s mouth after he ruined it. The struggling boy writes to Mrs. Clause for help and she brings the sister new shoes after Santa Clause leaves to deliver gifts.

Marks & Spencer - Christmas With Love from Mrs. Clause

THREE: John Lewis - The Bear and The Hare

John Lewis is at it again with another incredible holiday advert. In this short ad, a bear and a hare are seen setting up for the holidays. The bear has to leave to hibernate, but he’s upset that he wouldn’t be able to spend Holidays with the other wild animals. Thanks to the hare, the bear is able to wake from hibernation just in time to join in on the Holiday festivities. The gift that was given to the bear was an alarm clock!

John Lewis- The Bear and The Hare

FOUR: Hafod Hardware- Be a Kid

In the oldest town in Mid-Wales, Rhayader, a traditional, family-owned hardware store came out with one of the cutest Holiday adverts this year. The short film focuses on a young boy who goes into the hardware store and works all day. At the end of the ad, the young boy turns into an adult and heads home with his Christmas tree after a long days work. This advert focuses on being a kid this Christmas!

Hafod Hardware - Be a Kid

FIVE: John Lewis- The Man on The Moon

Not only does this adorable Holiday ad showcase love, but it also highlights one of the biggest issues during the holiday season. It sheds light on loneliness that holidays bring to elderly people of people that don’t have families to celebrate with. In the ad, a young girl looks through her telescope and makes a connection with a little old man living on the moon. Knowing that the man on the moon was sad, she configures a way to get a gift to him by attaching a ton of balloons onto the present!

John Lewis- The Man on The Moon

SIX: Allegro- Learning English

Allegro, a polish company, released a heart-warming Holiday advert a few years back. The ad opens up with an older male opening a box that has English learning materials in it. He works so hard to learn the language. He even labels everything in his home, including the dog!

The point of the old man learning English isn’t seen until the end of the clip where he is shown visiting his family in the U.K and meeting his granddaughter for the first time.

Allegro - Learning English

SEVEN: Irn-Bru - Bruman

In a spin-off of the 1982 short film, ‘The Snowman’, Irn-Bru uses a play on words to describe the Scottish soft drink. The catchy tune is paired with a video of a boy and a snowman flying in the air trading off a can of Irn-Bru.

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EIGHT: John Lewis -The Journey

This adorable ad starts out by showing the cutest snowman couple, just built and smiling at each other during a fresh snowfall. The snowman travels across the countryside, into a big city, and back again to buy the perfect gift for is snowwoman. The short film ends with the little girl who built them, looking outside to see the snowman got her a matching glove, hat, and scarf set.

John Lewis- The Journey

NINE: Coca Cola - The Holidays are Coming

In this extremely classic holiday ad, a little boy is seen at the start ringing a bell. The bell he rings singles the Coca Cola trucks to drive through their small town. As the decorated trucks are driving through the snow-covered street, they light up the other Holiday decorations in town to create a true winter wonderland.

Coca Cola - The Holidays are Coming

TEN: John Lewis - Monty The Penguin

In this adorable advert, a young boy is shown at the beginning. In a few scenes, you can tell that the boy and the penguin are best friends. But, throughout the story, the boy realizes that the penguin feels lonely. He notices that the penguin is yearning for LOVE! On Christmas morning, the young boy leads Monty to the Christmas tree to reveal a beautiful female penguin that he can spend his time with. Monty was given the gift of LOVE!

John Lewis - Monty the Penguin

ELEVEN: Hershey's Chocolate - Hershey Kisses Christmas Bells

Airing every year since it first debuted in 1989, Hershey’s Chocolates put out a *sweet* but simple ad. In just fifteen seconds, the Hershey Kisses jingle just like jingle bells to the tune of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’, an iconic Holiday song.

Hershey's Chocolate - Hershey Kisses Christmas Bells

TWELVE: Apple - Misunderstood

During Christmas time in 2013, Apple released an add for their iPhone. Throughout the ad, a teenage boy is seen not partaking in the Christmas festivities. It shows the boy drowning in his phone and not focusing on the Christmas fun around him. At the end of the ad, the young boy plugs his phone into the TV to show his family their Christmas gift. What came across the television was a montage of Christmas festivity videos that he took while he was on his phone! AW!

Apple - Misunderstood

THIRTEEN: Justino - Anuncio Lotería de Navidad

Spain’s annual Christmas Lottery is a HUGE tradition dating way back to the year 1812. They’ve been producing ads for this for YEARS, and none seemed to hit quite like this one. It even won a few Cannes awards.

This short Pixar ad went viral for the love it showed and the light it shed on loneliness. Justino, a night-time factory worker would come to his night shift every day and play little jokes on the day shift workers to make them smile. Days went by, and Justino even set up a Christmas tree out of the mannequins they create in their factory. Factory workers were constantly signing up to play the lottery and THEY WON! That night, they had set up the factory to have a party and surprise Justino with the winning lottery ticket! Talk about the Christmas spirit!

Anuncio Loteria - Justino


In 1996, M&M’s started a Holiday ad trend when they released their 15-second advert called ‘Faint’. In the short clip, the life-size M&M’s are seen walking in to drop off a bowl of the savory snack for Santa. When they get there, they come face to face with Mr. Claus. Seeing the M&Ms makes Santa faint out of pure surprise that the delicious candy does exist!

M&M- Faint

FIFTEEN: Coca Cola - Northern Lights

Everyone knows that the polar bear is a symbol for one of the most famous soft drinks on the market, Coca Cola. When the soft drink mogul released this commercial in 1993 it went viral! CGI animation was way ahead of its time in the 90’s so people were AMAZED to see cartoon polar bears look so real! In the ad, a group of polar bears travel to watch the Northern Lights. While watching, they crack open an ice-cold Coca Cola!

Coca Cola - Northern Lights

After watching all of these amazing Holiday adverts from around the world, you’ll for sure be in the festive mood!

The collective of creative freelancers at JOLT_ wish you the happiest Holidays. We hope they’re filled with love, memories, and delicious FOOD!

By Brianna De Feo for JOLT_

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