Content is King | Your 12-Step Guide To Content Marketing Success

Updated: May 25, 2020

Q: If Content is King - Who's the Queen?

A: Content Marketing

In this powerful matriarchy, a dynamic combination of strategy, wit, and informative content drives web traffic to new heights. It hits google keywords, optimises your site for SEO, and brings in quality customers intent on buying into your brand.

Content is King - but if you want the Queen, you want Content Marketing

Our 12-Step Guide To Content Marketing Success...

You can write content until your hands fall off. You can provide amazing blog posts, kick-butt Instagram and Facebook posts, but it’s not going to do you any good by just sitting there.

According to a recent study by Aquent, 90% of consumers around the world want great content.

The only issue is, how does the consumer see this content? How do we make it visible for them?


We need to be optimising our profiles, creating high-quality content, and most importantly, marketing it in a way that’s going to be successful for your digital business.

Here are the QUEEN’s top rules for content marketing success...

The Queen knows what she wants & what her audience needs

ONE: Identify yourself!

What is your company's personality?

What is the aim of your business?

Why do you all do what you do?

These are vital questions you need to answer for yourself before you go ahead into any sort of branding work.

Make sure you understand where your company will go and how it will portray your message.

When a company knows exactly who they are, they know exactly where they are headed and who they want to bring along on the journey.

After you figure out who you really are as a business, great branding and cohesive marketing will follow.

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TWO: Put yourself in their shoes...

One of the best ways to develop a marketing strategy and then identify potential gaps is to look through a customer's eyes.

Put yourself in their shoes and look at your products with a fresh view.

You need to think like a customer. What would they see if they were buying your product? What could prevent them from purchasing and what points compel them to buy your product?

Sometimes, when we spend all day looking at a computer, talking about our business, operations, marketing and branding, and the other million aspects that come with running a business, we experience a fog.

We live in this bubble of the business-mindset and hardly ever look outside of that bubble. You must look outside - and make sure to put your customer first.

Your buyer is trying to connect with you, are you listening?

THREE: Do you really understand your buyer's journey?

When it comes to content marketing, you always need to have this picture-perfect, dream client in the back of your mind.

Who do you want using your product? How do you see that person?

When you have this person in mind, you can better understand what that person is looking for and what aspects of your page will compel them to purchase your product.

Are they moms, fathers, single men or women, children, pet owners, teenagers? What do they like to do? What's their story?

The quicker you find out what their story is, the quicker you can pitch yours to them and tailor it so that your product ends up in their hands.⠀

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FOUR: Make your appearance fluid.

Once you've got your brand voice, it's time to start building your brand authority!

Brand authority is SO important when it comes to making your customers believe that you’re the bee’s knees when it comes to that niche or that brand of products.

What we mean by this is posting cohesive content that goes with each other. Making sure your branding is on point. Colours match, fonts match, and your website rocks.

This fluid appearance is professional. It makes you look like you’ve got it going on.

But what does that mean even? ⠀

You need to be fluid in all aspects of your business. I’m talking about similarities through the different platforms you market on.

Similarities between your website design. Photo similarities. Literally everything needs to go together cohesively.

You're ultimately trying to sell something. You need to make sure your site visitors and potential customers understand what that is, loud and clear.

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FIVE: Graphics make the world go round!

Great content isn’t just words. You need to be creating eye-catching materials to pair perfectly with your website content so that you keep your visitor’s eyes locked on your page.

Sometimes this comes in many different forms, photos, infographics, videos, augmented reality. You’re graphics make them stay because they’re intrigued.

Adding videos and photos to your posts is a sure-fire way to keep people on your page and compel them to interact and read with your content.

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SIX: Give your audience what they want!

In order to give your audience what they want, you have to engage them. One way to do that is to create posts that ask your clients or customers to engage with what you’re writing. This falls within so many categories, live videos, social posts, blogging, workshops, etc.

Let your visitors ask questions and make comments about your content and interact back with them. Listen to them. Hear them out.

This way, you will understand more about what your customers really want. Tailor your product and marketing to what they want.

Build the content and they will come - blogs, videos, podcasts, we can help!

SEVEN: Match your content to every stage of the buyer.

Your buyer goes through so many stages of the buyer’s process, and sometimes repeat stages over and over again. The three main stages are awareness, consideration, and decision.

At the awareness phase, your buyer is beginning to realise that there is a challenge to be solved or a need to be filled. This is where they become interested in your product.

The second phase is the consideration phase. During this process, your customer researches the options that they have and narrow down their results in order to make a final decision.

The last phase is the decision phase. This is where your buyer is deciding where, when, and if they’re going to make the purchase.

If you’re only creating content for the buyer in the awareness phase, there is nothing for the ‘considerer’ or the ‘decision-maker’ to relate with. Vice versa.

Make sure you’re creating content for every step of buyer's phase! Then, everybody gets some love!

Avoid the faux pas with professional, organised content

EIGHT: Create professional, engaging, and reliable content for your brand.

When you’re creating content for your page, you need to make sure that this content is not only researched and reliable, but it’s something that’s going to keep your reader interested.

Highly debated and discussed topics in your niche is the perfect place to start when deciding on which topics to write about.

The more you post about cutting-edge topics in your niche, the more your customers will want to come to you for the latest in the scene!⠀

In addition to keeping your reader engaged, this builds brand authority and shows your visitors that you’re the professional when it comes to certain topics.

Be the thought leader in your industry


NINE: Don’t just write about your products.

This is a common mistake when it comes to digital media. Companies believe that their consumers only want to see photos of their products. This really could not be more false.

Your brand is so much more than your products. Your brand is your authority, your brand is the market you sell in. Your brand is how well you portray being the top provider of what you’re selling.

You’re not doing your page any favours when all you write about is your companies recent events or a new launch your planning.

Highly debated topics and discussion-based blog posts are what you need to add to your blog to be truly successful when it comes to SEO and customer engagement.

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TEN: Focus on the long-term!

Don’t just plan for the now, plan for the FOREVER!

Whether you’re just starting up, or you’ve been around for a looooooong time, you need to plan for the long-term!

Planning is so much more than just having a calendar set up of ‘when’ and ‘whats’. It allows you to market, think about what you’re launching and be successful at it.

When you plan for your business, you can create content in the direction that you want things to go. And, in turn, they’ll head that way!


ELEVEN: Incorporate SEO into EVERYTHING!

If content is King and content marketing is Queen, SEO might be the King’s son that’s in line for the thrown.

SEO targets quality website traffic by using keywords to categorize and tag your website.

Google also uses SEO to determine your rankings within their search engine and your content determines where you fall in those rankings.

When looking to work SEO into your content, research keywords related to what you’re writing about. Research the keywords that bring you the most website traffic.

Is your content up to par?

TWELVE: Stay flexible with your customer base.

Styles and fads are constantly changing these days. In order to be successful in the long-term, it’s important to be flexible with your business, products, and website content.

Making sure you stay on top of the latest trends. This can put you on the fast track to quality website traffic.

Listen to your customers and what they want and adjust your products and marketing to their needs.

Listen to the Queen, she knows

Listen to the QUEEN and get your CONTENT MARKETING on point!

Posting for the sake of posting is a thing of the past.

With the web filled with scammers and fake users, algorithms have shifted to rewarding sites with QUALITY CONTENT, QUALITY GRAPHICS, and QUALITY WEBSITES that keep their visitors engaged and interested in what they’re providing.

When you optimise your websites and social media platforms to portray your brand and build brand authority, following these twelve tips will make you extremely successful in the digital marketing world.

In the marketing world, we talk a lot about optimising your pages. Optimise your blogs, optimise your social platforms, optimise literally ANYTHING you put out on the web.

Cross-reference, link, repurpose and network to get the MOST out of your content.

The reason behind this is that search engines are no longer simple. They rely on specific information and complex, constantly-changing algorithms to provide users with exactly what they want. When people search for what they want or what they’re interested in, the internet takes those things and provides users with a tailored list of sites.

When you follow these twelve tips for optimising your page, you’re sure to show up on those lists and gain quality website traffic. And, when quality website traffic comes, quality customers flood in.

As always, feel free to check our content and copywriting services to help you grow your business.

By Brianna De Feo for JOLT_

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