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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Emma Roberts: Founder of JOLTspace &

JOLT_ Digital Collective

"I want to empower others; I believe that freedom, education, and experience enable progress."
Emma Roberts

Both Sides

Having been both a freelancer and a two-time startup founder, I know the joy and the pain of going out on your own.

A Freelancer

I loved the autonomy I had over my day to day routine. Work from a cafe? Sure! Travel while finishing a project? Great!

Manage my own time? You bet!

But there were some pitfalls:

  • It was incredibly time-consuming looking for work, attending client meetings, to ensure I had another role ready after the current contract ended

  • It was common to find me working on my weekends and on my holidays – a situation you may identify with

What else could I do? I was running my business alone with no-one to cover me, and I wanted to be successful.

A Founder

As a founder starting my first company, I had a big idea to promote and larger goals to achieve. So, I needed to both create and market the brand.

To do this, I had two options:

  • Use a freelancer platform that provided low quality with low wages and no cohesion

  • Use a large agency that would have swallowed up my savings or forced me to give away a portion of the business in return for investment

The options available are not optimal for freelancers or founders in either scenario.

Surely there must be a better way!


Founded to solve the problems in both the freelancer and startup markets, it does so by connecting the two markets in a new way.

We enable startup growth through affordable, on-demand, cohesive services delivered by expert groups of collaborative freelancers.

From this, has grown our first collective...

JOLT_ Digital

Affordable, cohesive, high-quality, branding and digital marketing.

By combining to form a collective, we can offer services that, as solo-freelancers, are not an option. We can also scale to suit clients needs, adding in designers, writers, strategists, as required, so we can fit any budget and project scope.

Culture: Values-first

In business, as in life, when we find ourselves questioning what to do, it can be helpful to be reminded of what we care about and why we started out.

A while back, I wrote out my values to ensure that every decision I made for myself and for my companies aligned with my core beliefs.

I have three essential values which direct both life and work:

1. Empowerment

Empowering another is one of the best gifts one can give. I care that those without a voice can speak up – to be heard and to be known.

JOLTspace is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs making a positive social change, to ensure they reach the right audience and quickly gain momentum.

Be it the empowerment of those trying to save the environment, of those fighting for women's rights, or someone with a good idea that could change the course of a life.

We encourage future entrepreneurs and freelancers to go out on their own and support them on this journey.

2. Collaboration

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

By working together we can support each other, learn together, create bigger and better services than we ever could as individuals.

Through organisation, teamwork, listening, and supporting, we can provide greater resources, produce better work, and collaborate to reach new heights.

3. Exploration

My most vivid memories have been formed through exploration.

Exposure to different cultures and new experiences, other people's stories, new ways of thinking and of being.

That's why JOLTspace encourage diversity of thought and experience through our global approach, entrepreneur support, and enablement of a digital nomadic lifestyle.

Future Plans

JOLTspace will become the hub for the individual innovators and impact startups and scale-ups to begin or expand their entrepreneurial journey.

JOLT_ Digital currently has 20 freelancers from over 12 countries across four continents and are scaling to keep up with demand.

This is just the beginning, team up with us now and begin your JOLT_ journey...

About Emma:


Growing up near Oxford, UK, gave me access to a scientific education that I am very appreciative for, but it was my parents who introduced me to my favourite form of learning - travel. Since then, I have taken every opportunity to explore.

In my adult years, I worked as an architecture student in London. As a tour manager across Europe. Helped scale a recruitment business globally. Founded an impact startup in Australia. And, after two years as a freelance writer, I founded a second startup in Denmark.

Now I focus on empowering others to do their best work through JOLTspace &JOLT_ Digital Collective. I live in Copenhagen with my partner and our dog, Mimi.

+45 50 26 53 54



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